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If you’re clearing brush, cutting down a dead tree or trimming troublesome branches, rent a wood chipper in Lincoln from Far West Rents to get rid of the debris. A wood chipper will make quick work of any landscaping debris so you can move on to the next project. The right size wood chipper rental can handle the toughest, thickest wood, tangled vines, thorny branches and much more. With a local Lincoln wood chipper rental you can get rid of wood and branches quickly and easily, with no need to exhaust yourself chopping, cutting, and sawing.

Wood Chippers & Stump Grinders for Any Project

Stacks of branches and brush are eyesores in your yard, and they’re a haven for pests. Instead of letting yard waste take up space, you can turn it into mulch for your gardens and hedges. Our wood chipper rentals in Lincoln are available in three different sizes so you can find the right fit. If you are living in town and you want to get rid of branches and brush during your outdoor spring cleaning, our wood chipper rental with a 6x12 inch opening will fit easily on the street or in your driveway. This woodchipper is ideal for turning fallen or problematic branches into mulch.

If you need to clear away large or difficult tree stumps, our stump grinder rentals are the perfect solution. We offer two sizes to choose from, the 13HP Rental and the larger Hydraulic which is commonly used to clear away larger stumps. The 13HP Rental is perfect for small, isolated stumps while the larger Hydraulic can take on bigger, more difficult stumps. Our stump grinder rentals are easy to maneuver and can tackle any size stump quickly and easily, leaving your yard and landscape looking refreshed and neat. Contact us today for more information.

Using a Wood Splitter for Your Landscaping or Trimming Job

Our Wood splitter rental is perfect for larger branches and tree trunks. We offer both vertical and horizontal Wood splitter configurations to suit your project needs. The vertical option is great for larger logs, while the horizontal model is designed for logs with larger diameters. Both models are powerful and robust, with enough power to handle any size log and quickly split it into easy-to-manage sections. Our Wood splitter rental is a great way to split thick, tough logs quickly and efficiently, without the need for labor-intensive chopping or sawing. Contact us today for more information on wood splitting rentals in Lincoln, Auburn, Woodland, Roseville, and Rocklin.

What’s the Difference between a Wood Chipper and a Mulcher?

Wood Chippers are used for heavy-duty applications of turning large wooden blocks or logs into fine wood chips. The output of a woodchipper is well refined wooden pieces that can be used for landscaping applications.

Wood mulchers are shredders that are used to break down soft and lighter garden waste like dead leaves, plant matter, wood chips, twigs, etc. While wood chippers have sharp blades, mulchers have semi-blunt blades that shred organic substances for composting.

Chippers are more powerful than mulchers. So, if you need to undertake a heavy-duty landscaping job, you will need to rent a wood chipper to do your job efficiently.