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Earth moving equipment available for rent in Lincoln, CA. A comprehensive variety of Earth moving equipment for the job site contractor or residential homeowner. Mini Excavators, skid steer loaders, trenchers, utility tractors and more.

About Our Earth Moving Equipment Rentals

Earth moving equipment rentals provide the perfect solution for those in need of large-scale excavation or construction. Large fleet of earth moving rental equipment from mini excavators, skid steer loaders, trenchers, stump grinders and jack hammers are robust, tough machines that are ideal for job site contractors or DIYers with a next project. Our broad selection of mini excavators range from 330 lbs to 800 lbs and Track skid steer loaders that range from 36" to 68". We provide walk behind trenchers and trencher attachments for rent. All rental machines can be easily transported with a standard equipment trailer and a full size pick up truck in Lincoln, Auburn, Woodland, Roseville, and Rocklin.

What Is Earth Moving Equipment?

Earth moving equipment refers to any type of machinery or equipment used to excavate and move soil, gravel, and other materials. The most common examples of earth moving equipment include bulldozers, backhoes, graders, trenchers, plows, loaders, and other machines. This equipment largely uses hydraulics as the primary driving source, allowing them to exert large amounts of force and power. 

Earth moving equipment is typically used to level terrain, transport materials, remove obstructions, and dig trenches or holes. Heavy-duty earthmover machines are required for large-scale excavation projects and land development that involves the movement of significant amounts of soil.

Most Commonly Rented Earth Moving Equipment in Lincoln

Anyone looking to rent earth moving equipment in the greater Sacramento area might consider the following items for their project:

  • Mini Excavators: Ideal for small-scale excavation and digging projects.
  • Skidsteers: Perfect for maneuvering in tight spaces and for lifting heavy weights.
  • Sod Cutters: Perfect for removing and replacing large amounts of sod.
  • Stump Grinders: Perfect for grinding down large tree stumps.
  • Trenchers: Ideal for creating trenches and for laying pipes and cables.
  • Jackhammers: Perfect for drilling and breaking concrete and other hard surfaces.

Differences between Small Earth Moving Equipment and Heavy Equipment

Small earth moving equipment is typically used for smaller excavations, digging, and related jobs. This type of equipment includes mini excavators, augers, and skid steer loaders which are lightweight and maneuverable. Small earth moving equipment is often used in smaller projects such as backyard or construction projects. 

On the other hand, heavy earth moving equipment is intended for larger scale projects that involve moving a lot of material. Examples of these machines include bulldozers, cranes, and backhoes, which are designed with the power and force to move large amounts of material. This type of equipment is used for activities such as demolishing buildings, leveling terrain, and excavating large amounts of soil.

Renting Earth Moving Equipment

Delivery and pick up is available for our customers in Lincoln. Our modern web based ordering system means renting with us has never been simpler. If you wish to rent any of our products, click the “rent online” button located on the product page to get started. After entering items in your cart, you will be requested to create an account and verify our standard rental contract terms. You will then be taken to the payment screen to enter your payment information. Your credit card will be charged once you have been given a confirmation from our system that the rental unit is available. We look forward to being of help!