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Far West Rents has a comprehensive selection of skid steer loader rentals and durable construction equipment accessible in Lincoln, CA and the greater Sacramento area to handle the toughest tasks with ease. Whether you are a job site contractor or in the middle of a challenging home project, skid steer loaders are incredibly functional and adaptable machines you can rent.

About Skid Steer Rentals in Lincoln, CA

The ideal skid steer rental can make a convoluted, week-long project easy-peasy in a day. Skid steers are highly effective, condensed and user-friendly machines relevant to projects conducted in the home or on the job site. By renting a skid steer, you can handle outdoor excavation yourself instead of having to employ a team. 

With proper skid steer attachments, like auger, breaker, grapple bucket, mower and fork attachments, these powerful machines can be used on a wide array of tasks. Businesses and residents in Lincoln, CA regularly rent skid steers and attachments that are suitable for completing brush removal, minor demolition, street and sidewalk sweeping, landscaping, soil conditioning, resurfacing and much more.

What are Skid Steers Best Used For?

Skid steers are highly versatile, compact pieces of machinery best used for excavation, land clearing, and other construction projects. Skid steers are most effective in tight spaces due to their compact size and maneuverability. They can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks such as digging, loading, grading, demolishing, and landscaping. Skid steers are also equipped with specialized attachments that allow for even more task versatility, such as brush removal, trenching, and asphalt/concrete demolition. Skid steers are a great choice for completing a wide range of projects quickly and efficiently.

Find The Right Skid Steer Rental For The Job

With track skid steer loaders, mini skid steers, rollers, brush hog, and numerous attachments, it can be tough to discover the right tool for the job. If you only require a flexible skid steer rental for only one undertaking or you want to rent a selection of equipment to tackle a large-scale construction project, we can help you out. Review the equipment available or contact us to gain more insight into skid steer rentals near Auburn, Woodland, Roseville, Rocklin, and Lincoln, CA.

What is the Difference Between a Skid Steer and a Wheel Loader?

A skid steer is a compact, powerful piece of machinery used for excavation and other earthmoving tasks. Skid steers are generally identified by their small size, tracked design, and maneuverability in tight spaces. In contrast, wheel loaders are large, wheeled construction machines used on job sites to move large amounts of material such as dirt, gravel, and sand. They are highly effective for loading and unloading, grading, and bulldozing tasks. 

While they are both highly versatile pieces of equipment used in construction, skid steers are better suited for small or confined spaces and wheel loaders perform better for large scale tasks.