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Far West Rents specializes in equipment and tool rentals in Lincoln, CA. We offer a range of reliable jackhammers in multiple sizes, suitable for any job from light demolition work to heavy-duty concrete and rock breaking. If you’re looking for jackhammer rentals, Far West Rents is the place for you.

Rent a Jackhammer For Any Project

A jackhammer is a powerful pneumatic or electro-mechanical tool used for drilling into concrete, rock, or other hard surfaces. Jackhammers use rapid hammering action to break apart the material, which can then be excavated.

Jackhammers are mainly used in the construction industry for demolishing concrete, asphalt, and rock surfaces as well as for digging foundation holes, tunneling, and roadwork. They can also be used for landscaping projects such as digging drainage ditches around sidewalks and driveways, as well as for various landscaping projects.

A jackhammer is a powerful tool that requires a lot of force to use correctly and safely. It is important to demonstrate respect towards the tool and handle it with caution.

What Size Jackhammer do I need?

The size of the jackhammer that you need depends on the job you are doing. Smaller jackhammers are suitable for light demolition work, while medium and large ones are appropriate for rock and concrete breaking jobs. When selecting a jackhammer, consider the power and size of the job, the type of material being broken, and the space and mobility requirements.

Should I Rent or Buy a Jackhammer?

When weighing whether to rent or buy a jackhammer near Lincoln, CA, take into account the following:

  • Budget and cost: what is your budget and what is the cost to rent/buy the jackhammer?
  • Duration: how long will you need the jackhammer?
  • Portability: will you be able to transport the jackhammer easily?
  • Quality: does the jackhammer have features and a build quality that make it durable and reliable?
  • Maintenance: will you have access to maintenance services and spare parts?

What Else Should I Consider When Renting a Jackhammer?

When renting a jackhammer, it is important to look at the safety features and attachments of the power tool. Make sure you have the right protective gear, such as safety goggles and ear protection, as well as a steady grip and good posture. You should also check that the jackhammer and attachment bits are right for the job and in good condition.

When selecting a jackhammer, make sure to take into account the depth of the concrete that needs to be broken. Generally, a jackhammer can break up to 10 pounds for every inch of concrete - for example, a 30-pound jackhammer will break up to 3 inches of concrete, while a 90-pound jackhammer will break up to 9 inches.